Celeb M.O.M ~ Candace Cameron Bure Reshapes Her Mind, Body & Soul and So Can All M.O.Ms


We fell in love with her as DJ Tanner on the successful Family series Full House now Candace Cameron Bure is all grown up and tackling a ‘Full House’ of her own. We can safely say, Candace is a M.O.M to know and be inspired by.

As a M.O.M, Candace masters being a wife, a mom of three, acting, writing, speaking and living each day 'Growing With God'. Clearly, raising three children, jumping back into television on the series Make It or Break It and releasing her new book Reshaping It All, we have a Master Of Multitasking on our hands!

Let’s Meet our M.O.M Candace  
 M.O.M Katie ~ Thank you so much for chatting with us and inspiring our community of m.o.ms! The biggest struggle for most women after becoming a mom is to continuing working or staying home with the new family. You took quite the hiatus from your career when you started your family, was it s difficult decision or the only decision for you?

M.O.M CandaceWhen I was pregnant with my first baby, I had the intention to continue working after she was born. Six months later, having lost the baby weight and feeling in the groove, I set up meetings and auditions. After traveling and being away from my husband and daughter for only 10 days, I realized very quickly that I wanted to be a full-time stay at home mom. That is a decision that I'm so proud of and advocate for all moms if they have the ability to do so. You never get that time back and 18 years goes by SO quickly. Well.... I'm only at 12, but it's flying by! 

M.O.M Katie ~ Being a m.o.m is learning to balance life and how you live it. The chaos of parenthood, building a career /future for you and your family and having time for yourself and of course your partner. Your faith in God is very stimulating. Do you think ‘Growing in God’ has helped you balance it all? How do you help others believe and ‘have the faith’?

M.O.M Candace~  Yes, my faith in Jesus Christ is everything to me. Balancing marriage, motherhood, a career and life isn't easy when you're striving to do each thing well. Priorities have to be set and rechecked, otherwise you can be easily thrown off balance. For my husband and me and our family, our faith is what prioritizes those categories. I'm also thankful my husband helps keep me in check. Like so many woman, I tend to want to do it all perfectly but can end up spreading myself thin. God's word reminds me of what's most important in life. As for helping others have faith, I've been sharing my testimony at churches all over the country for the last seven years. My website also has a lot of information and recommendations for those who are searching.

M.O.M Katie ~ So, you’ve returned to TV land with MIOBI on ABC Family. It has been such a great show and success from the beginning. Was this the first show that you came across that made you say, ‘I’m ready’ to get back in to a regular series?

M.O.M Candace ~After my husband retired from the NHL, we discussed me going back to work. As my agents put my name back out there, several projects came up that I worked on. There were other series offers, but MIOBI was the first one I thought would be a good fit for me. I loved that the show was about young athletes striving to ultimately win gold at the Olympics- a world I know pretty well because of my hubby (2x Olympic medalist)! Considering it was on ABC Family, I also thought values would be there that other shows may not offer.
M.O.M Katie ~ What was your family’s thoughts about mommy going back to work full time? Is it harder now or easier with the ages they are at?

M.O.M Candace ~ My husband has been very supportive and the kids were super excited. The thing about MIOBI is that I don't work every day, which is another reason why the show was a good fit. The schedule allows me to be a mom; pick my kids up from school, drive them to hockey practice and all the other things to go along with active kids. I do miss some things, but it's been a great balance.

It's definitely easier since my kids are 9, 11 and 12 and are able to do a lot on their own. That's the reason I stayed at home for the first 10 years.

M.O.M Katie ~ What else can we expect from the Bure’s?


M.O.M Candace ~ Fun stuff! My husband was just crowned champion of "Battle of the Blades", a competition reality show shown only on CBC in Canada. Ex-hockey players were paired with World & Olympic champion figure skaters to complete in pairs figure skating. Very much like "Dancing with the Stars" except for on the ice. Check out the show on youtube - Val Bure Battle of the Blades. He and Ekaterina Gordeeva were amazing! So proud!!

M.O.M Katie ~ Did I see a family company.. .maybe involving wine? How did this evolve?

M.O.M Candace ~ Yes, since my husband retired from hockey, he's become a full-time vintner. Seven years ago, we developed our company and released our 3rd vintage of Bure Family Wines last year. We are a boutique winery producing small lot, hand-crafted wines. You can learn more about our wines at http://www.burefamilywines.com/. We are available in limited restaurants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Most of our wines are sold through our mailing list, website or at the winery in Napa Valley, CA.

M.O.M Katie ~ Now, we also hear a new book has been released, Candace Cameron Bure: Reshaping It ALL Can you tell us about the book, what motivated you to write it?  Where will we be able to buy it?

M.O.M Candace ~ My book "Reshaping it All" - Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness is available now in stores and online as well as for Kindle, Nook and iPad. I was motivated to write it after so many conversations with woman over the years asking me how I've done it. How I've managed to have 3 kids and be in better shape than I was at 18? My life has been quite a journey, not without some struggles which I openly share in the book. But, it's not a tell-all memoir or a new diet plan. Ultimately, this book is about putting your faith into the forefront of your relationship with food. I've included recipes, personal stories & photos but most importantly lots of practical information and advice to motivate you to get healthy and stay on track from a biblical perspective. 

Thank you so much Candace! I can honestly say you encourage so many of us m.o.ms to live life to its fullest and to follow our faith and hearts will only lead us to happiness.

You can follow Candace on twitter and facebook Also visit her site: http://www.candacecameronbure.net/