Wednesday's What To Wear ~ Stylin' Boots for the M.O.M

Well, winter has been officially here for weeks and everyone needs a good set of boots!  I've come to realize over the last few years(especially living in the northeast), that boots are a necessity.  

If you live in an area that experiences all 4 of the seasons, you've probably questioned.. do we really need more than one set of boots for rain and then snow?  Well, in true M.O.M fashion, here is a solution:

A pair of Hunter wellie boots ($125 normally)

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Most 'rain boots' are just that.. rain boots, but to buy a boot that can be worn and used all year round(for many years at that too) is well worth the money. They also sell fleece socks to go along with the wellies so that they can be used as snow boots too. Just by adding these warm fleece socks inside the rain boots you have weather-proof boots that are made to withstand all the elements, and they couldn't be more stylish!

For 'the(other)half' M.O.M

Men's Hunter wellie boots ($125 normally)

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check out all the styles and colors at: 

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