Celeb M.O.M: Melissa Joan Hart, Our "M.O.M Next Door"

An American actress, writer, television director, television producer, singer and businesswoman, and author.  I think we can all agree....a Master Of Multitasking (aka M.O.M)! 
Let’s Meet Our Celeb M.O.M, Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa, you are truly a certified Master Of Multitasking (M.O.M) so, thank you for taking the time to share with our growing community of m.o.ms some of your secrets and insights on being a M.O.M with 2 boys!

M.O.M Katie ~We know your favorite ‘role’ yet is being a mom. Was it hard to go back to work after having kids? Did your career priorities change when you became a mom?

M.O.M Melissa ~ I was lucky in my career to have a good long down time and I got to have 1 full year to bond with my first born and really figure out the motherhood thing. With my second son Brady, I went back to work at 4 months on a 3 week film shoot for my company Hartbreak Films in a movie in Baton rouge called Nine Dead and it was tough but it was a quick shoot and because of the schedule and the fact that we shot in sequence, my days werent terribly long. But balancing work and kids is not easy when you enjoy your career and have had longevity like I have. I don't feel fulfilled unless I am doing both but it is very difficult to be great at both. I am so blessed to have a great husband.

M.O.M Katie~ You wear many different hats from mom, wife, actress, ‘dancer’, director, entrepreneur/shop owner… so how do you stay focused and driven? Are you a planner? Scheduler?

M.O.M Melissa ~I am a planner. I use calendars, my iphone and lots of note pads to keep it all together. But if I forget soemthing or something doesnt turn out perfect every now and then, I have to just move on. It happens to the best of us!

M.O.M Katie ~ A lot of M.O.Ms have dreams; you followed through with yet another one and opened your SweetHart’s Sweet Shop. Any advice for our M.O.M’s on opening a retail storefront?

M.O.M Melissa ~Retail is not a business for the faint of heart. You can get burned out by the constant push and pull a business will bring. I am lucky to have some good partners and employees that help keep my vision alive and moving.

M.O.M Katie ~ Congratulations on “Melissa & Joey.” It is such a refreshing and fun show. After you finally made it back to the east coast, was it a hard decision to move forward with M&J after being away performing on “Dancing With the Stars” and just having moved the family? Have you and your family adjusted to you being bicoastal? When do episodes start back up?

M.O.M Melissa ~Nothing was a hard decision becasue I knew they were all the right decisions. Moving was something my husband and I dreamed about and we finally found a town and home that we adore. This show is something I have dreamed about since I had a pilot for a show back in 04 that didnt get picked up. I didnt think I wanted to do sitcom really but when that show got shot down at Fox, I realized how bad I really wanted it. It took some time to get Melissa and Joey going which is why I am so thankful and loving every moment. Being away from my kids 2 weeks every month breaks my hart to pieces and people every day see me struggle and wonder why I dont just move them all back to LA, but my husband and I know that we did the right thing by keeping them there. They have amazing schools, friends and life. And when I get my frequent break, I get to be a full time Mom without the hassle of being called into a meeting or to a red carpet event because I am 3,000 miles away!

M.O.M Katie ~ Do you want to share a favorite quote or M.O.M motto you live by?

M.O.M Melissa ~ Nothing really matters when you get home and see your childs face. When things are bad, I try to imagine the reaction I will get from my kids the minute they see me walk thru the door, and it all just falls away!

But on sillier note, I swear that if you do not have at least 3 bodily fluids on you by the end of the day, you are not a hands on parent. Blood, pee, snot, spit up, poop, breast milk.........even ketchup counts I think.

Thanks so much. You truly inspire our community of M.O.Ms! 

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