M.O.Mpreneurs ~ Be Inspired: Abbey Fatica is Helping You 'Live Your MoMent'

As the tag line states, Living My MoMent supports our MoM and Dad run businesses with amazing dedication and guidance on how to grow and build brand awareness.

With a certifiable M.O.M behind the scenes of LMM, it’s foundation and goals were built with the M.O.M is mind.

Meet, Abbey Fatica, CEO and Founder. Abbey is the face behind the idea of Living My MoMent. She will work with your company to provide you with great advertising and marketing so that we can spread the word about your family owned small business to your ideal client.

Abbey currently lives in Ohio with her husband John of 4 years, 3 year old daughter, Luci, 14 month old son, Jacob and 7 year old sheltie, Shelly (who could be Marley’s twin). When she is not networking and continuing to grow Living My MoMent, she is spending time raising her children. You can catch her relaxing by watching some her favorite reality tv shows (yep, she a reality tv junkie), reading a good book, or catching up on sleep.

Abbey and her team at LMM is not just your typical list your business site and then you never hear from them again! Abbey goal and direction with her LMM team is to make sure that all the MoMBusinesses she works with have an opportunity to share what is going on in their world with their readers. They also makes sure that Your listing is personalized towards your business so that her readers have a better understanding of how you started your business and the story behind the MoM or DaD.

Let’s Chat with Abbey and Learn More

M.O.M Katie ~ Thank you for all you do to help support small businesses that are home based and run by our Moms and Dads. What motivated you to start Living My MoMent?

M.O.M Abbey ~ Back in February 2009, my daughter had just turned one and I decided that I needed to contribute monetarily to our family. I had been a stay at home mom for a year and was working one day a week as a bartender at P.F. Changs and after working there for 6.5 years I was READY to move on. I want to have a job where I could work at home so that I could raise my children as well. I didn't want to have to put them in daycare and even though we could live off of my husband's salary, I wanted to help out and be able to buy just our groceries and some fun stuff with my money. Now I just had to figure out what I wanted to do: make a product, sell other's products, direct sales, etc. None of those options just jumped right out at me and I couldn't think of any products of my own to sell. One day I was watching Oprah and she had mommy bloggers on and was discussing how they make money online. I thought now here is something I could do. I loved writing my blog about my daughter and my grandma always told me how she loved to read what I wrote. I knew that I couldn't just blog without a purpose so then I had my AHA! moment: why not provide advertising for mom owned small businesses. Our economy was heading downhill and these companies cannot afford the big agencies but they also couldn't afford not to stay in business. That's where Living My MoMent can step in.

M.O.M Katie ~ What services do you offer small businesses? How can LMM help a newly launched company?

M.O.M Abbey ~ In November 2010, I decided that it was time to expand the services that we offer from just Free business listings, product reviews and giveaways to much MORE! We have partnered with a great MoM & DaD owned graphic designer business: Kolbedesign LLC so that we can offer all types of advertising services. On top of that, I hired a Social Media Marketer so that we can help small businesses grow their social media followers.

Some other new services: Design Ad campaigns, strategic planning, SEO help, Brand Development and Conference Sponsorship and Trade Show representation

We have services for every stage that your business is in, so with new company we are here to help you set up a new website, build your SEO to gain followers, open and maintain a Facebook or Twitter account, do link building on your behalf to get links back to your site, represent your company at a Blogger Conference or Trade Show. We are willing to work with your personal goals for the business and develop a marketing plan that is best suited for your needs at the present time. We hope that once you work with us one time, you will come back for more!

At Living My MoMent, we are a family and we want our clients to become a party of our family. We love to see where our services can take your business.

M.O.M Katie ~ What is your vision for LMM for the future?

M.O.M Abbey ~I would love for LMM to become the GO-TO advertising agency for MoM and DaD owned small businesses. With the new services we are offering we have something for every budget and every goal! I would love for small businesses to come to us at any point in their success and know that we can promote their product and get their name out to their ideal client! We want to help businesses go from local to GLOBAL!

M.O.M Katie ~ As a M.O.M yourself, what is your best advice to give MoMs and Dads that are balancing it all and looking to start a business?

M.O.M Abbey ~ Make time to grow your business when your children are sleeping, napping, at school, doing an art project, reading. Make time for your children when they need you especially if you have little ones. Remember that you kids are only little once and they don't want to remember you as always sitting in front of your computer or blackberry. Your business will be there to grow when they are sleeping and in school. Take weekends off. Your clients will not forget about you over the weekend. Most importantly become the CEO of your company. Businesses are a collaboration and will grow if you have people of different expertise to support you along the way!

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  1. Thanks for the feature, Katie! I really appreciate being on here with all the celebs that you have posted! I feel so famous!