{m.o.mSTYLE} What to Wear ~ Winter Workout Gear

Well, we're a month into the new year and the winter weather has certainly found itself outside.  Most of our new year resolutions revolve around getting back to healthy habits and exercising.  So, here is the BEST gear for keeping up with our resolutions and taking our exercising outside. No need to be stuck inside, whether you are a runner or just outside playing with the kids, all M.O.Ms like stylish and multi-functional gear.  Meet the Neck Gaiter by Smartwool!

Like I said, if you are out for a run, skiing, or building a snowman with the kids, a neck gaiter is the key to keeping you warm from your neck to your nose (and looking stylish, especially with the Cable Gaiter). What's more...no more painful, cold lungs due to cold air. No more painfully cold chin or cheeks either.  Scarf's do work but to wrap around and around and then come undone, etc... not helpful or breathable. 

Smartwool uses merino wool, which is breathable and helps regulate body temperature. You can buy direct from their site or can be found on Amazon (for a great discount too).
These Neck Gaiters are also avaible for all family members... just what us M.O.Ms like... one stop shops!

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