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It's Holiday Season so get up to speed M.O.Ms with a little help from Chris and Celebrate at Home!

What is your best advice for planning a party?

My best advice is to have the right mix of people, and know your crowd! The primary reason to go to a party is to enjoy yourself with others, have great conversations, and hopefully a few laughs. Bringing like-minded people together in a setting that is comfortable for everyone is crucial. For instance, think carefully about combining your garden club ladies with your baseball team buddies for a summer cookout, as you could end up with two separate groups within the party instead of everyone mixing and mingling together. Only you know the personalities and preferences of your guests so plan accordingly so it’s enjoyable for all. 

What is the key to being a good host?
What I like to do as a hostess is try to think of everything my guests may need throughout the night and have it handy by setting up self-serve stations in advance. For example, set up a small bar area with ice, glasses, mixers, and libations. Don’t forget the cocktail napkins, stir sticks, and bar towel! The same is true for other food stations as well. This frees you up as the hostess so you can greet, and socialize with your guests instead of playing “waitress” half the night. Also, remember to keep in mind the special needs of vegetarians, or diabetics so they don‘t feel left out or self conscious.

Must-have entertaining/party accessory that can be used for any/all occasions
My best investment has been my set of white dishes. I can’t say enough about them. I use them for any occasion, dressy or casual, indoors or out. And since they are so basic they are easy to replace if one breaks. 

Best Hostess Gift
The best hostess gifts that I’ve received have been from good friends who really know me and bring something that is personal to me - usually something related to entertaining or fashion! However if you don’t know your hostess very well, I am a huge fan of wine. It may sound cliché but there’s a reason…because most people enjoy it! When in doubt, stick to the classics.

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  1. I heart Chris!!! She is the poster child for multitasking! I don't know how she does it all but I'm so glad she does. I love her tips on entertaining, her sense of humor and her style. Her blog is on my daily read list for sure!

  2. Totally agree about wine...it's almost always a welcome gift!

  3. You have definitely found the right "go-to" person to ask for party and entertaining tips.... Chris is the master! So glad to see her featured here!

  4. Thanks for all your comments, yes, Chris is a true MASTER