National Adoption Month ~ Let Bill & Scout Hold Your Hand!

Let’s catch up with the {other} half, our Master OMultitasking dads, Bill Horn & Scout Masterson! 

Last time we spoke to our favorite reality ‘Guncles’ they just became dads to (now 2 year old) Simone and launched their very own company, Marque Communications.  So, they clearly have been mastering a whole lot of multitasking and just keep adding to their plate.

We wanted to share their latest venture with you M.O.Ms as it embarks on it’s 1year anniversary and during a month where we need to encourage your voice to be heard about the importance of adoption and all that it embraces.

November is National Adoption Month and Bill and Scout have certainly opened their hearts and hands to guide people in all areas of the adoption process and to help them overcome their obstacles with their mentoring service, Hold My Hand.

“From tips on how & where to start the adoption process or utilizing social media to connect with a birthmother, to helping decorate and furnish the nursery” Bill and Scout will ‘hold your hand’ through it all.

They are true masters omultitasking and can certainly guide before, during and after the adoption process so that those involved can Master it All especially when they bring home their new little one!

More from the dads:

Q: What should all prospective adoptive parents understand about the process?

Everyone's journey to adoption is different. For some people the process is very short, for others, the journey takes much longer. We've met several people who are friends and all going through the adoption process at the same time. We're constantly reminding them to not compare each other's journey's. Our journey took about a year and a half. We have some friends whose journey was a short 6 months. It's key to remember that your baby will find you and in the time it's supposed to take. We've met families who waited 3 1/2 years to finally become parents. (a good rule of thumb is that open adoptions normally take 18-24 months from starting the paperwork).

Q: What is the one piece of advice you wish someone told you when you started your adoption process before/for Simone?

The adoption process overall can be a very fun, bonding journey. We found that many of our friends wanted to jump in and help out. Unless there's a specific reason to keep your journey private, we suggest at the beginning of the process, having a dinner party with a group of your best friends and start signing people up to help out based on what they have to offer. Most people have a "handy" friend, who can help with baby proofing. A friend who is good with social media and computers, to help set up your website and social media accounts. A friend who is good with photography is great to help with the photos you'll need for your website and brochure (Dean took all of our photos!) Our motto is - Let everyone pitch in. It's overwhelming enough - Let your friends and family pitch in and help out!

Q: You both clearly have figured out (& quickly) how to manage and balance life as parents with work, each other, and so much more, how would you guide new parents into this role especially after going down such a long journey to get there?

We find that most adoptive parents we speak with are so excited to finally BE parents, that there's no stopping them. We remember to take time to relax and enjoy as well. We're not the type of family who has a plan for every second of the day. We make sure to take the time to just enjoy each other!

Last question, so….would you go down the adoption road again? (and soon?)  

Yes - Most definitely :-)

dads Bill & Scout with daughter Simone!

We are so glad we could celebrate Hold My Hand and hope that all those continuing with their journey through the adoption process find comfort in knowing that Bill & Scout who have gone through adoption are also mentors for others traveling down this road as well.

Happy National Adoption Month and please visit/contact the ‘Guncles’ for a little hand-holding, you’re not alone here!

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