Tuesday's Tip: Jim DeBetta Helps Inventors Realize Their Dreams

be inspired by Jim DeBetta...
"Knowing the proper steps to inventing is the key to success!" 

What is your best advice to a budding entrepreneur?
Learn the risks and the potential rewards before you jump in. Learn about the business you are entering by learning what others in your space are doing and how well they are doing it. Many a budding businessperson has tried and failed to achieve success due to making the leap without really knowing how to run a business, despite all of their enthusiasm and courage. It is critical to reach out to those who know more than you so they can help you avoid massive mistakes which can cost you time and money. In the end, taking your time and building something sustainable is the key to long lasting success and happiness.

What is a must-have site or resource all entrepreneurs should know and follow? There are many great informational sites that can help an entrepreneur but one site I do like for its shear quantity of great and varied articles is www.startupnation.com. I also recommend that anyone starting out seek out a trusted mentor to help them make tough decisions and to guide them along with their wisdom.

Quote or Book ‘to live by’ I only read non-fiction...if I can't learn from it then I don't make the time to read it. I recently read Coaching Millions and I love the simplistic way the author explains how a coach can earn many streams of income in a business that most make money in by simply charging by the hour. I have read numerous books and referenced others like 4 Hour Workweek and it seems all books I come across have at least something that you can take away and immediately put to use. Of course, if you are an inventor looking to develop a product and sell it to retailers, I think the Business of Inventing by "yours truly" is a great basic guide on the steps to inventing!

Meet Our M.O.M Tip Contributor, Jim DeBetta

Jim DeBetta’s product development and sales experience has amassed millions of dollars within the retail selling world. Known nationally as a trusted coach and mentor to thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs, he knows how to take new ideas from a sketch on a napkin to selling the final product to major retailers worldwide.

As the founder of DeCavi Corp, Jim has helped thousands of inventors and start-ups learn how to get their products developed and sold to major retailers. Jim then merged his firm with the renowned Slingshot Product Development Group which employs a team of 35 engineers, designers, and marketing experts who help individual inventors and Fortune 500 firms alike. Both are recognized as leaders in the inventor product development and commercialization arena. Today, Jim continues to broaden his reach into the world of consumer products and has formed DeBetta Enterprises which is a private consultancy that coaches and advises inventors and entrepreneurs on everything from manufacturing to sales and marketing of consumer products. Jim also heads up the Retail Distribution arm of Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods corporation which today is fueled by the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank.

Jim teaches inventors how to create sales and marketing strategies, understand the world of licensing, develop a product using CAD design, raising money to fund a business, and locating factories overseas to produce products. Jim is now reaching out to individuals who want to learn how to do it for themselves

To Follow Jim:
Twitter: @JimDebetta
Facebook: Jim.DeBetta

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