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Ok ladies, put down what your doing (especially those stinky diapers) it's time for a Sweet Break. The ladies at Sugar Loco are here to show you the sweets...We want to encourage you to do, buy, read, make or watch something sweet today...or heck, all of the above! *wink, wink*

Do...A Ben & Jerry's girls night in! Treat your besties to a GNI with your two favorite guys - Ben & Jerry. Pick your favorite pints and add in some new intriguing flavors that you've been wanting to taste (who knows you might find a new favorite) - add some salty snacks and voila! A Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream tasting party! Click here to see how we did it. Hint, Hint, they have two NEW flavors out right now too - they're outta this world.

Buy...one of the finds that delights our sweet tooth every time we dig in is Spoonfudge. What in the world is Spoonfudge you ask? Only the greatest fudge packaged perfectly in a jar (so you don't have to share), spoon included. Choose from amazing flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (huge chunks of peanut butter cups), go for the fruity with Raspberry Cheesecake (my new favorite), or be completely crazy with Earl Grey Tea and Honey.

Read... Love Food Network's Cupcake Wars? We were lucky enough to interview the major sweet behind the "Walk of Fame" episode winner, Casey's Cupcakes. Casey has all sorts of sparkle and sass, and that's why we're so excited to have featured her on our site. You'll fall in love with her and her rock star cupcakes too - check out the interview here.

Make...Our most popular recipe so far has been these adorable Pink Kisses Cookies. Great for the kiddos and adults who love cherries (should you want to share). An amazing combination of cherries and chocolate will have your loved one flipping..or maybe taking over diaper duty for a while? Worth a shot?!

Watch...Truly, this is the best job ever...Visiting the kitchen of great pastry chefs and having desserts made just for you to sample (or devour). Well, that's just what Jenny did at the Ritz-Carlton Denver. Pastry Chef Leslie Ann Viets create an amazing limited edition dessert - the Oozy Fudge Upside Down Cake with S'mores Ice Cream. Catch the video of this mouth watering treat, it'll have you wanting S'more.

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