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What is your best advice for planning a party?

When planning a party, I like to start with a theme or color scheme to help guide me in pulling together all of the details. Usually, picking a fabric or pattern first is how I start out planning and designing. Once I have a fabric or even a beautiful centerpiece that fits with the theme, I start designing the graphic elements of the party and pulling together appropriate display pieces.

Once you have the “big picture” party ideas taken care of, focus on the details. Details, details, details. I am very detail oriented. Coordinate even the smallest details and the effort won’t go unnoticed. (examples are things like drink wrappers, small toothpick flag toppers in sandwiches, signs and display labels)

What is the key to being a good host?

A good host greets everyone and makes sure that their guests feel at home. Most importantly, a good host should not be running around doing busy tasks during the party (like replenishing dessert table goodies, playing bar tender or serving food.) Those jobs can be taken by a friend who wants to help or by hiring help for the party. This way the host can spend more time with the guests.

Must-have entertaining/party accessory that can be used for any/all occasions

Invest in beautiful serving pieces in solid white and glassware. Solid white serving plates and platters can easily be transformed into different “looks” for different events by adding patterned paper liners and ribbon.

Best Hostess Gift

I like to bring a personalized item to the hostess. Whether it be a special set of personalized stationery or a monogrammed set of hand towels to match their powder room. This takes planning in advance. If you are looking for a last minute hostess gift, I like to visit local gift shops and purchase a beautiful serving piece that will add to the host’s collection.

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