Celebrate the MOM Month ~ Reader's Choice & Celebrity MOM Favorite, Alison Sweeney

It’s no surprise that when we asked our readers to nominate their favorite Celebrity Moms that Alison Sweeney was one of top moms mentioned and nominated.

photo courtesy & property of Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney is busy taking care of her family and juggling two jobs: She’s the host for NBC’s hit reality series The Biggest Loser, and she plays the award-winning role of Sami Brady on NBC’s hit daytime drama Days of our Lives. She also makes time to give back to the community, and serves on the Entertainment Council for Feeding America and annually co-hosts the Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon.

Alison Sweeney is an exemplary mom and inspiration to all of us moms trying to balance and master multitasking.

She is one of the most hands on celebrities and her new website and visibility on social media proves that. Her website is a destination for anyone who wants ideas for eating well, making exercise fun and exciting, and looking and feeling fabulous (and, of course, anyone who wants a glimpse of life behind the scenes in Hollywood)!

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Ali also wrote a book, The Mommy Diet which is in bookstores now; following the premise of the book, her new site will also have a special emphasis on many things mommy-related. And, for those who aren't expecting and aren't mothers, her site will hopefully help them better understand what mothers go through and offer some tips they can incorporate into their own lives as well.

“The difference between this and other parenting websites is that it’s really meant to help you! Because taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do, especially when you’re a parent, and we often forget that. I will be sharing fun tips about how to look great and feel great, even when you're juggling a job, a hubby, and that crazy and overwhelming world of motherhood”.

Here are just a few comments and what our reader’s had to say about Alison Sweeney:

“I love Ali Sweeney. She is an inspiration for us moms. I love her attitude and insight into being the best person (& mom) you can be.” andrea b. (phoenix, az)

“Alison Sweeney is my favorite celebrity mom by far. She is so real and genuine. Her book and site really guide you as a parent (new & old) to feeling good about yourself and to make the best choices for eating well and struggling with work and home life”. stephanie w. (garden city, ny)

“My vote is for Alison Sweeney. I love her attitude and spice for life. She is the mom and person I want to be. I’m 7months pregnant and I’ve read her book 3x’s. I cant wait to apply the ‘mommy diet’ to life after baby!” heather h. (los angeles, ca)

“I hope Alison Sweeney wins! She is my favorite celebrity mom. She works so hard but she shows you that she also plays just as hard at home with the kids and in life off-screen. I love following her on twitter and facebook because she truly engages us fans and followers.” trish k. (calabasas, ca)

I think we can agree that Ali touches all of us in so many ways and is a great Celebrity Mom Favorite and M.O.M Inspiration to us all.  Cheers to the first of our 3 Celebrity Moms picked!

Ali's favorite Mother's Day Memory is spending the day at the beach with her family and just being together having fun.

photo courtesy of and property of Alison Sweeney

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**stay tuned for next Friday's reveal of Celebrity Mom pick #2**

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