Celebrate MOM Month ~ Monday's MOM to Mention is Jennifer Cannon

It's no surprise that Jennifer Cannon is our next pick for the MOM to Mention this month. 

Have you ever met someone that is just in 'it' (aka life, business, friendship, etc..) to see someone succeed other than themselves?  Ever think, hmmm who do I know in "that" field or that may know how to connect me?  Well, I met Jen online and in person about a year or so ago and I can honestly say she has been an amazing, genuine, hard working and guilding light to me and all those that cross her path. 

Jen is not only a mother, but a military wife, entrepreneur, writer and savvy foodie fan!  I think it's safe to say a M.O.M (master of multitasking) as well.

Through her own entrepreneurial experiences,passion for writing and supporting others, Jen opened up her company JenCann Productions. JenCann Productions offers a simple solution for anyone looking to add some sparkle or professionalism to their writing. She works mainly with small to medium sized projects, but will make exceptions if her services would be a viable and appropriate solution for others.

Think of her as your behind the scenes wing woman - she will help you put the GO in your SHOW!

Not only has Jen perfected her passion for writing and can help you perfect that pitch or press release, but she can tweet with purpose and make that tweet viral and seen by many.  All businesses should be involved with social media and twitter is one of the best avenues for small, medium and even the largest companies to explore and master.

For those new to the approach of promotion via social media, JenCann Productions has another phenomenial offering, TwitterSitter™.

Here's the idea:

Going on vacation and don't want to leave your business account unattended while you're away?
Having trouble connecting and building your following?
New to Twitter and having trouble "getting it"?
Don't have time to set up and manage an account, but know you need one to increase your brand awareness.
Never fear! TwitterSitter™ is here!

Genius.. right?   Here is why and right from Jen's mouth:

"I can tell you that the QUALITY of your following is much more important than the quantity. I understand the importance of knowing your audience and how to approach them in a genuine fashion. I pride myself on originality and a healthy sense of humor- no auto tweets, bots or spam. Twitter is my playground - like a giant game of connect the dots, but with people."

Like her twitter bio states: Encouraging, promoting, supporting, one word at a time ~ that is JenCannPro.

Be sure to follow and connect with Jen:
Twitter: @jencannpro


  1. Wow, Katie! I may be officially speechless...I mean - wow - okay, of course I am not...but this is just, well, Aaaggghhh!!! I know your blog, a place where you showcase amazing Mompreneurs, Celebrity Moms who do it all, Inventor Moms - all M.O.M.s! I am honored to be written about here and I thank you so much for all of your kind words - it means a lot.



  2. TOTALLY agree!! Jen is SO deserving of this M.O.M spot..she is TRULY a blessing to anyone who has the privilede of meeting with her or working with her. MUCH deserved Jen, and you ROCK!! And your TwitterSitter..um..GENIUS!!