Celebrate MOM Month ~ Readers Choice & Favorite Celebrity MOM, Candace Cameron Bure

Again our readers know what they are talking about.  Last week we shared the first of our M.O.M community's picks for their 3 favorite Celebrity MOMs as Alison Sweeney.  It should be no surprise that the second pick is another amazing MOM to know and follow, Candace Cameron Bure!


As a M.O.M, Candace masters being a wife, a mom of three, acting, writing, speaking and living each day 'Growing With God'. Clearly, raising three children, jumping back into television on the series Make It or Break It and releasing her new book Reshaping It All, we have a Master Of Multitasking on our hands!

An amazing MOM to honor indeed. Her 3 beautiful children are Natasha age 12, Lev age 11 and Maksim age 9. Being a wife and mother are the single most important roles in her life.

"They take a lot of work, a lot of patience and help from God and His Word, but if you put in the effort it's more fufilling than anything on earth".   
photo courtesy & property of Candace Bure

 Here are what some of readers had to say:

"Candace Cameron Bure is our favorite celebrity mom. She shows strength in God and living with faith is ok and cool!"  (olivia b. san diego, ca) 

"I think Candace Cameron should be picked for Favorite Celebrity MOM.  She is a great role model for all moms.  Taking time off from her career to raise her family and realize what is most important is commendable."  (deliah g. wisconsin) 

"Candace Bure is a MOM Extraordinaire!  She has balanced it all from career to building a family successfully.  She is not shy to show her faith in God and that having faith will help you grow and be the best person you can be!"  (sam ny, ny) 

"Candace Cameron Bure is our pick for fave celebrity mom.  She seems so true to herself and through social media we've got to know her even more as a person and mom.  Her new book is awesome too and helped me 'Reshape' my life the last couple of months." (heather l. memphis, tn) 

As we can see and attest too, Candace surely makes an impact on so many of us MOMS. So thank you Candace and much deserved recognition from our readers as one of our Top Celebrity MOM picks for May's MOM month.
Follow Candace and be inspired:
twitter and facebook Also visit her site: http://www.candacecameronbure.net/


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