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Our M.O.M Who Operates with Military Precision On Screen

Best known for her work as the headstrong Marine Corps attorney Lt. Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie on the action drama series “JAG,” Catherine Bell now stars in “Army Wives,” the highest-rated show in Lifetime’s history. The Show is a one hour ensemble drama that captures the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women -- and one man -- living with their spouses and families on an active army base. 

Bell plays Denise Sherwood, a devoted wife and mother whose husband is preparing to deploy for war, all the while fearing being left alone with her physically abusive son. Currently in its fifth season, the “Army Wives” finale will air on June 12, 2011 and will return next year for a sixth season. 

Bell will also be seen starring in the action-thriller television movie “Last Man Standing,” which will premiere on Lifetime on June 6th at 8:00PM ET/PT. Produced by Bell and written by her husband Adam Beason, Bell plays a happy suburban wife and mother who is forced to reveal her dark past as a military-trained special-ops agent when her husband is mysteriously kidnapped.
Bell’s other credits include guest starring roles on the television shows “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,”  “Friends,” “Dream On,” “Misery Loves Company” and “Hercules.” She appeared in the CBS telefilm “Cab to Canada” opposite Maureen O’Hara. Bell also starred in the TBS thriller “The Time Shifters” opposite Martin Sheen. 

Bell also recently starred in and produced the television movie “The Good Witch’s Gift” for The Hallmark Channel. The series' fourth installment, “The Good Witch's Family” will premiere on November 5, 2011. Prior to that, she starred in the television movie “Still Small Voices” for Lifetime’s sister cable network LMN.  Bell also appeared on the SyFy miniseries "The Triangle,” produced by Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin. 
Her feature film credits include an appearance as the sassy siren in Universal’s mega-hit “Bruce Almighty” opposite Jim Carrey.  Bell reprised her role opposite Steve Carrell in the sequel, “Evan Almighty.” Additionally, she was in the feature film “Men of War” opposite Dolph Lundgren. 

Bell was born in London and moved to Los Angeles with her family at the young age of three.  While studying biomedical engineering at UCLA, Bell ventured into modeling, which soon led to immediate recognition in both the United States and overseas. Building on her success as a model, Bell decided to pursue an acting career, which was launched soon thereafter. Bell currently resides in South Carolina with husband Adam, daughter Gemma and their son Ronan.

 Let's Meet Our M.O.M Catherine Bell

photo courtesy of Catherine Bell

Congratulations on so much, the successful  Lifetime series Army Wives and your expanded family!  It’s hard to believe Ronan is going to be 1 this summer already (I’m sure you can’t either).

Its crazy! I was JUST pregnant. Now he's crawling.. walking soon I'm sure!

As most of us M.O.M’s struggle with being a working parent, was it harder for you to go back to work after you had Gemma or the second time around with Ronan?  Any insight in how you prepare for the first day back at work with a baby?

I think it's always a hard thing to try and strike a balance between work & family. One hand, we want a break from the kids so we can come back with a fresh perspective but then the second we part with them, we miss them! I think just reminding myself that it's good for him AND for me to have a little break, to have someone else watch him... that helps! 

What’s a typical day like for you and the family these days with two kids and filming?  Are you a planner or just ‘wing it’ with schedules? 

On the weekends we usually just wing it. We usually have a general idea like bike ride in the neighborhood & then it either happens in the morning or afternoon or Saturday or Sunday...  nothing too definite! I try to leave time for the kids to just do what they want - art projects or swimming or whatever they want! We love going to my mom & step-dads house on the weekends too. They moved to Charleston to be closer to us, so we love spending time there.

So, what do you love about playing Denise Sherwood on Lifetimes’ Army Wives?  Does this season have any surprises for you or the other Army Wives? 

I love so much about Denise Sherwood! I especially love how much she's grown! She's been through so much and changed (for the better as a person, as wife, even as a mother despite her loss). She's certainly had enough surprises to last a lifetime! But there is never a shortage of exciting realistic drama on our show!

With actress, mother, philanthropist and producer on your M.O.M resume,  what is your secret to managing it all?  Is there anything else you might be interesting in throwing into the mix or have you accomplished what you’ve dreamed?

I've never "accomplished everything." I have goals & reach those & make new ones! That's what life is all about! I'm so proud to add producer to my resume. Actress, mom, philanthropist have always been on it & I continue adding to that. I'd like to continue finding great stories to tell & making those movies.

Do you have a favorite quote or ‘go to’ guide/site for being a M.O.M

My friends! I have some of the BEST multitasking hard working moms ever!! If ever in doubt, I call them!! For advice, for recipes...for inspiration!

Please share with us 3 of your favorite M.O.Ments  (mastering multitasking
with kids) 

I will say it was pretty hilarious one morning after working all night on Last Man Standing (Ronan was about 10 weeks old) I'd spent the whole night doing a huge fight scene/stunt work and at 6am on the drive back to the hotel, I was pumping milk (I was still nursing!), while I was learning my lines for the next day. That was exciting

Another fun one: feeding the baby while I cooked dinner for my daughter Gemma while my husband Adam was out of town & did a conference call on a project!

When I was getting ready to film "Last Man Standing," I had Ronan in a sling, was on the treadmill and was working on my script for that days work.never a dull moment! :)

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