M.O.M to Mention, Sarah Siegel-Magness

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Sarah Siegel-Magness, the producer of the Oscar nominated film Precious and this summer's children's movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer premiering Friday and most importantly, the mother of two! 

Sarah spent almost every day on the set of Precious and was involved with decisions from casting to script changes. Together, Sarah and her husband, Gary founded Smokewood Entertainment which aims to produce films with positive message for diverse audiences. Upcoming projects include motion picture and television projects based on Megan McDonald’s Judy Moody young adult book series and a documentary following an indigenous tribe in Brazil and its effort to become self-sufficient.

Sarah is a native of Colorado and following a brief career in the music industry, she launched So Low, a young women’s clothing line, which she still operates today. The line is sold at upscale retailers nationwide.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to be nominated for the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ at age 30, and become active in the Young Entrepreneurs Organization, a global nonprofit education organization.

Sarah manages all of this while keeping her favorite role, motherhood, first.

Let's Meet Our M.O.M Sarah
photo courtesy of Sarah Siegel-Magness

M.O.M ~As you truly have defined ‘today’s working mother & MOMpreneur’, what advice can you give to those mom’s struggling with going back to work after becoming a mom?

M.O.M Sarah ~ My advice to all you working mom's is to remember that a happy mom means a happy family. If working is something you love to do then your children will benefit from your happiness. It can be difficult at times to balance family and business but really trying to enjoy and making the most of the time you have with your children, when you are not working, is important. It is not the length of time but the quality of time that counts.

M.O.M ~ It seems you were born with an Entrepreneurial spirit, building successful companies at a very early age, We are so inspired by your entrepreneurial vision and success, what tip would you offer any M.O.Ms out there looking to explore their entrepreneurial side?

M.O.M Sarah ~ My motto is no idea is a bad idea. I like to look for ideas that are organically created from things missing in my life. Once you have an idea, take it step by step. Envisioning too far in the future can be overwhelming. Just start with one foot in front of the other and keep going.

M.O.M ~ As you know, it’s tough being a M.O.M (master of multitasking), how have you been able to juggle and balance it all? Does it get easier?

M.O.M Sarah ~ A mom can never really be an expert at any one thing. We just have to do the best we can at everything we do. I say that if at the end of each day a mom gives every task 110 percent we cannot be upset by the result. I think being a mom makes a woman balanced, because being pulled in so many directions makes it impossible to be one dimensional. I love being a mom, it keeps me young.

M.O.M ~ So you have two different passions right now, Fashion with your company So Low and Film with your company Smokewood Entertainment. Which industry would you say is tougher to crack into for a budding entrepreur with the same passions?

M.O.M Sarah ~ To be honest, they both are extremely difficult to be involved in. Fashion and film are highly competitive, financially demanding and very creative. The good thing is that woman are still the minority in both of these industries and there is plenty of room for more. So I say don't look at the hurdles of a business, jump and explore.

M.O.M ~ What can we expect from our M.O.M Sarah in 2011?

on-set producing Judy Moody

M.O.M Sarah ~ First and foremost I will continue to work on being the best mom I can be. I am directing my first feature film, which is a very exciting opportunity to learn and grow from. I am working on my fashion business and learning to navigate through this very difficult financial time. Last but not least, I will continue to produce movies with my husband, Gary Magness, that tell positive stories.

Friday, June 10th remember to check your Theatre Listings for show times and enjoy the family friendly Summer Hit  Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer produced by our M.O.M Sarah Siegel-Magness!

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