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What is your best advice to a budding entrepreneur?

Trust your feeling, be ethic, do it only if you are passionate about it, be flexible, stay focus, ask questions, take the time to know your competition, the market and your customer, be patient and never underestimate the consumer.

What is a must-have site or resource all entrepreneurs should know and follow?

I have been invited as a mentor and observer to participate on Tori Burch Foundation and Action USA this is a great source for everyone who wants to start a business, I wish had this type of information and seminar when I was starting my business. Here's a link: http://bit.ly/kN1oSR

Someone told me. Don't be afraid to loose everything, to loose money this will be a leason for you. Will teach you a lot. 

Always share your ideas only with the people that you know will help you in anyway or give you positive feedback, otherwise is no point.

Quote or Book ‘to live by’
The only thing I have are the choices that I've made.
Good things come my way,I hold each one close because I deserve it 

Let's Meet Our M.O.M Entrepreneur Contributor, Alexa Rudolfo

Alexa Rodulfo’s entire career has been about making beauty.

Alexa grew up in Mexico, which is where she first learned her trademark art of hair and beauty maintenance.

When she moved to New York her clients grew to include many of New York City’s most stylish young women: including Lauren Santo Domingo,Margherita Missoni, Ivanka Trump,Wendi Murdoch, Carolina Herrera, Zani Gugelman and Genevieve Jones

“Artists are always looking for something to inspire, for me, even when I’m doing hair and makeup, a beautiful scent has always been a constant inspiration.”

Starting first as a hair and makeup artist who made people look beautiful, recently she began an empire that makes her client’s feel beautiful too, making her first steps with a line of candles that transport the buyer to a familiar, lovely place.

In April of 2009 she launched her own line of scented candles called: AN AMBIANCE. A MOMENT. A MEMORY… Alexa created her first scent, BOIS D’ALEXA, which was sold around the world and became an instant must-have for the chic set.

After the runaway success of her debut scent, BOIS D’ALEXA, Alexa Rodulfo is expanding
her candle empire to include three more unique,sensual fragrances: “BOIS BLANC, BOIS SAUVAGE,BOIS D’AMOUR.”

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