As If We Didn't Know Rita Wilson Was a True M.O.M..... Jillian Michaels Shares Her Exclusive Interview with Rita On Everyday Health

As an Everyday Health expert, Jillian Michaels will be contributing regularly to the #1 online health we thought we would share Jillian's exclusive interview on health, family, and career with Huffington Post’s newest editor-at-large: actress, producer, and writer.. aka M.O.M, Rita Wilson.

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"Rita Wilson is a beloved gem of a woman who has managed a healthy, celebrated marriage for over 20 years in a town that loves to attack happiness. She’s a mom of four beautiful kids who all adore her. She’s a revered producer, celebrated actress on Broadway and the silver screen, dedicated philanthropist, accomplished writer who contributes to such power publications as Harper's Bazaar and the Huffington Post, where she's an editor-at-large. She wears so many hats it’s staggering, but the fact that she wears them all so well is what truly bowls me over. For all those reasons I have found her to be deeply impassioned, influential, and motivating, which is why I set my sights on interviewing her. 

What annoys the hell out of me about articles, as the writer and the subject, is that there is no way to interpret tone. So much of Rita’s charisma and warmth is in her tone and I hate that you’re missing that, so let me set it for you. Throughout this interview I could feel her smiling through the phone. There’s a steady unwavering in her tone of speech that conveys patience and strength. The rhythms of her sentences are rife with self-deprecating chuckles as well as long introspective pauses, which allow her to craft her thoughts into potent, impactful messages. 

And on that note, let’s begin."  (read Jillian's Interview HERE)

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