M.O.Ms Get Organized & With Your OWN Space

Most M.O.Ms dont have their OWN work space or organized "chaos" room (as I like to call it), so check this option out that Better Homes & Garden shared as a great Mobile Home Office perfect for any M.O.M needing their own space and that can be put away.

courtesy of http://www.bhg.com/
Here are BHG's DIY guide:

What it is: An old table receives a fresh start as an office on wheels.

How to make it: Choose a table the width of a standard hanging file, then sand, prime, and paint it. Screw metal strips to the sides to accommodate hanging files, use a jigsaw to cut holes in the top for glasses or small storage buckets, and attach casters to the legs

This could also double as a craft cart for the kids!

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