What To Wear Wednesdays ~ Fall Into The Program M.O.Ms

{m.o.m} fashion contributor, Jill Mikols Etesse

Lady and the Tramp…

How can both the hard handle hand bag, sheath dresses and frilly blouses with longer pencil skirts be so popular for fall and yet, leather, black lace and patterned hose with peep toe booties be attending the same fashionable event of the season? Is it an R rated version of Lady and the Tramp? No it’s the same reason I crave candy corns and salted peanuts as a Fall snack (oh you have to try it!)…why Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were invented and why pink and red are dating each other this season too! There are fashion rules like: wearing white after Labor Day, hose and open toe shoes and shearling UGGS in temperatures over 50 degrees….but then there are the rules that designers push the envelope with….hence the invention of Carrie Bradshaw, need I say more? Some times the rules simply agree to disagree for a season!

Go ahead for this season and “fall” into the game of good vs evil, Kate Middleton vs Meghan Fox. Don’t pick a team, be a fair weather fan and cheer for both sides, there is no home fashion advantage!

*Get the Midas touch with GOLD eye shadow or GOLD dress vs just add a GOLD clutch to a black dress or paint your nails a shade, with the price of gold climbing get the plated polish

*Nana’s birthstone ring coming to mind with all the jewel tones? Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires disguised in sheep clothing not your statement? Go for the subtle approach with a statement piece; big stone broche, clutch or shoes get the point across without everyone knowing you were born in January!

*Enjoy your “vino” even more now that Bordeaux, Merlot and Pinot Noir are 90 point hues for the season! Can’t swallow the entire glass of wool on a burnt red overcoat? Take a sip of just the skirt or even the luscious hint of wine stained lips…just enough to get a good buzz!

*Now how to rock leather can be a bit tighter of a fit! The only leather on your backside is the seat in your SUV? Drive “back to the future” in a Delorean and grab that short leather jacket and put it over a strapless dress you haven’t worn since a college era wedding.

*What I’m dishing out as your must have for Fall will be the peep toe bootie, comes in 31 flavors from every color, to cone height and some even have sprinkles….it’s the scoop so take a lick!

Please send me your Fall fashion questions and comments…navigating the fashion rules are difficult let alone the store racks or even your own closet.

….until our closets meet again, keep calm and carry a better handbag!

Guest contributor, Jill Mikols Etesse, has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years as a buyer, designer and now writer and co founder of her own creative firm SmartyShortz LLC. You can find her here seasonally or in her closet typing away for jacketsandjill.com. Jill also fashionably co-stars in the YouTube channel: coffeeorchampagne

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