Product Reviews and Etiquette?

Blogs are huge nowadays with reviews of your products and then a giveaway to put it in the hands of someone in a whole new target area with the hopes of continued promotion and referral business.  So, why not ‘giveaway’ a product to someone who has a ton of following, media attention and when they ‘speak’ it is a ‘golden opportunity’ for promoting your product?  I still say the cheapest way to ‘advertise’ your product and company.

Building your brand takes time, and people buy what a celebrity likes, wears, has, etc… while you are working on pitching your product to retailers, media and other avenues, showing that response a celebrity has made about your company and product helps open the doors a little further.  It is not guaranteed that your ’gift’ will be acknowledged publicly, but atleast you can be assured you’ve promoted it out to another target audience you didn’t have before or thought you could reach.

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