Lessons About Women in Biz ~ via WSJ

I came across this article that I thought was important to share.

Five Lessons About Women in Business

by Carrie Hindmarsh  
Carrie Hindmarsh is CEO of M&C Saatchi Group’s advertising agency. Ms. Hindmarsh is a judge at the Veuve Clicquot Business Women of the Year Awards, which take place Wednesday night in London.

 "I’ve learned that trying to be like someone else, because of a perceived advantage, doesn’t work in any part of life, least of all in business. There is no room for imposters in any part of a successful enterprise." - CEO Carrie Hindmarsh                           

Your FIVE Lessons:

Lesson One: Difference Matters
Lesson Two: Identify What Should change and What Should Stay the Same
Lesson Three: Creativity Is Always the Answer
Lesson Four: Feedback Breeds Success
Lesson Five: Emotional Intelligence

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