Mid-Week Must Have with iTunes ~ Giveaway!!!

Whether it's time to entertain the family or work time... we all need a little help with passing the time listening to music or finding a show or movie.

This is why I turn to iTunes for all my music requests and shows.
This week it is my MUST-HAVE while working.  I need some background tunes while I work and it so easy to set a work playlist {or fun-time playlist}.

I also saved myself and my company (Kt Steppers) a lot of $$ by finding 2 TV show episodes featuring my product.  So, this is a great resource for promoting your biz and product by capturing it's TV/Movie debuts and sharing with your customers, stores, audience and more!

I loved seeing on the Tia & Tamera Show, Tia Mowry receiving the stepper we made for her (at the time) soon-to-be baby boy Cree!  (plus from this promo you can see Tia folding her Hot Mama Gown)

That episode was 'Sisters Under Pressure': http://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/sisters-under-pressure/id450804955?i=467197028

From that episode I was able to capture amazing shots of Tia Mowry Loving Baby Cree's Stepper:

 Then last week's Bethenny Ever After episode my stepper was seen there too.  So, of course, I clicked iTunes and looked it up, sure enough there it was in scene with Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason!

Bethenny Ever After episode: 'Grab Your Balloons'

So in honor of getting some good press and promotions for a small business at a low cost... we are giving away a $10 iTunes Card.

So, please share with us your mid-week must have to keep you moving through the work week. (this is one entry)

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We will announce the winner Friday morning, so you have Today(Wednesday) and Tomorrow (Thursday) to spread the post for your chance to win the $10 iTunes Card.

Be sure to comment below and mention where you shared it as well!

Good Luck and happy promoting with iTunes!


  1. My must have is actually green tea! I'm trying to kick the coffee habit because green tea is energizing AND has so many health benefits! I also tweeted @chaoticcrafty

  2. I L.O.V.E this giveaway...because it is SUCH a great motivator and pick-me-up to blare some tunes to get you in a better mood or out of a funk!! And I ACTUALLY learned the iTunes trick from you..so THANK YOU for that! And I LOVE seeing your steppers in action and on the BIG screen ;) My mid-week must haves change depending on what's going on but I tell ya..nothing puts a smile on my face faster than some caffeine from Starbucks. Whether it's the escape from the office to go get it, the cool caffeinated refreshment, Starbucks brainwashing..or a combination..it does it for me! Thanks so much for this giveaway and thank you again for teaching ME about the iTunes way to capture and promote!!