Happy Father's Day with a Fun App from ZocDoc

As we know, our dad's are masters of multitasking as well.  Our friends over at ZocDoc have made a free app to allow you to give a gift to Dad on his special day.  The app is really simple to use. You choose a virtual gift that you think he’ll love and then you offer it by sharing it on his wall!

If you log in to Facebook then you can check it out here - https://www.facebook.com/ZocDoc/app_249036545201321.   

Share with your friends socially and wish your dad, your kids' dad, and all dads you know a Happy Father's Day!

we love being masters of multitasking and finding companies and places where life becomes much easier... so get your health check with zocdoc - a free site that allows patients to instantly book appointments with doctors online and check who takes your insurance right then and there!

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