Celeb M.O.M Laura Wright Share's a Taste of Her Family Biz

Daytime Emmy award winning actress Laura Wright is going down in our books as a certifiable Master of Multitasking a.k.a M.O.M

Laura spends her days as "General Hospital's" devious Carly, a role she's played since 2005. Throw in a 17-year marriage to her husband, John, two kids (Lauren & Jon), a burgeoning family-owned boutique winery (Standing Sun Wines) and a menagerie of farm animals and you've got a celeb M.O.M. who knows a thing or two about multi-tasking!

Meet M.O.M Laura Wright

Working in Daytime TV, the hours are long, How do you manage going from Set to Farm?  

I have a great husband. When I’m at work he’s there, picking up the slack and keeping our lives running smoothly. And, I do the same for him when he’s out running the winery.  

What is a typical day like for you?

The mornings are generally about the kids – getting them ready for school, making lunches, dropping them off. Then I head off for my two hour drive to LA to film General Hospital. Luckily for me, as an actress I have someone do my hair and makeup when I get to work so I don’t need to bother with that each day! Then it’s on set for rehearsal and taping. Depending on the how many scenes I have, I could be home as late as 9 at night (occasionally I’ll spend the night in LA if I have an early call). 

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When I get home John usually has dinner ready – I do the dishes – and then we all hit the couch for American Idol or a fun show like that. We all love Shark Tank. 

As a M.O.M we wear many ‘hats’, so how do you stay focused and driven? Are you a planner? a Scheduler? Or do you see what the day brings?

I’m not a planner – I’d much rather see what the day brings. But with kids you have to be somewhat scheduled. They have activities, homework, etc.  

Was owning a family-run business a lifelong passion? How did you decide to give it a go? Tell us about Standing Sun Wines. 

I grew up working at my family’s business, so this comes very naturally to me. I feel right at home at the winery and in the tasting room, interacting with customers and helping out.  

We opened Standing Sun Wines in 2007. We started at about 150 cases and we’re now up to 2500. We specialize in Rhone varietals from the Santa Ynez Valley. My husband John is the wine maker and the kids help out with some of the odd jobs. It truly is a family run business.    

What is the most challenging part about running a family owned business? What is your role?

The most challenging part is at the end of the day everything is on your shoulders. You don’t get to punch a time clock or even go home – you never stop thinking about the work that needs to be done. If something goes wrong, it’s your business that you have to worry about, not someone else’s.  

I help a lot with the wine tastings we do and I do pour in the tasting room when needed. Most importantly, I am taster and quality control.  

What have you found to be your biggest M.O.M struggle working and raising a family? Any advice for us M.O.M.s on how you handle it? 

The biggest struggle is that you want to be home with your kids and don’t want to miss a moment with them. I think every mother can relate to that. I again go back to - I have a great partner in my marriage and my life, and I feel safe to have my career and know that my my kids are okay when I can’t be there because he is.  

Do you want to share a favorite quote or M.O.M motto you live by? 

Whatever works for you. There’s not one rule that applies to everyone so I say whatever works for you works.

Thanks to Laura for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat. We just love her M.O.M skills and advice. 

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