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Meet our M.O.M Tips comtributor, Christine Wilson - Founder & CEO of MtoM Consulting (www.mtomconsulting.com

Christine has a background in sales and marketing, but it was her stint as a stay at home mom that really changed her career path. As a mom, super savvy shopper, and with her years of startup experience, she knows what makes a mom try a new product or service, why she stays a loyal customer, and how to deliver a message so that it resonates with moms -- a very powerful market that account for more than $2 trillion a year in spending in the U.S. When Christine was home with her boys, she was on the board of a local moms group, and found herself being asked for advice from businesses on how to market to the valuable mom audience. She realized there was a need, and shortly thereafter created MtoMConsulting to help businesses of all kinds promote themselves to moms.  

What is your best advice to a budding entrepreneur? My best advice is to be flexible and ready to evolve. You need to have a solid plan in place for your business, but expect things to come along that might change the direction (often for the better). Be ready to jump on those opportunities with your eyes wide open so you can grow your business. It is also important to build a team that isn't afraid of the hours and the work. They should be able to take on different responsibilities and be excited for the opportunity rather than resentful that it wasn't in their job description. Your team will ultimately make or break your business because in most circumstances you can't possibly do it on your own.  

What is a must-have site or resource all entrepreneurs should know and follow? Personalized question based on you're experience or company Get yourself organized from the very beginning and invest in a CRM site like Podio or Salesforce. Make sure you are connecting with other entrepreneurs via social media platforms and industry blogs. I always reading Inc. magazine and Social Media Examiner as well as Facebook Insider. I rely heavily on my Facebook and Twitter streams to update me on things going on in my industry, with my clients, and with my competitors.

Quote or Book 'to live by': Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

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