{m.o.mFIT} 10 Minute M.O.M Booty Blaster

Ok M.O.Ms, most of us 'barre'ly have the time to fit in our a workout with our busy schedules, so I just had to share this 10 minute Booty Blasting workout called caBARREt!

Meet our m.o.mFIT contributor:
Nicole LaBonde 

I am from Oil City, Pennsylvania.  Yes, that’s really the name.  It’s about halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie.  Because of this, I am a die-hard Steelers fan! 
I have a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Dance, as well as a degree in Music, from Eastern University, on Philadelphia's Main Line.
I am the creatrix of CABARRET, a new dance fitness program that combines ballet and burlesque. I am also the founder of Public Persona, a public speaking coaching and consuliting firm, that uses theatre techniquest to teach public  speaking.
In addition, I teach Pilates at True Pilates Miami in Hallandale Beach, FL. I am a certified Pilates Instructor through the prestigious Romana’s Pilates program. I’m pleased to say my work and teaching comes directly from Mr. Pilates himself!
I am also a consultant for the international wellness company, Isagenix. They have amazing products I use everyday! 
I am a former director and choreographer for the Miami Children's Theater, which is what brought me to Florida. Before my move, I was the choreographer for Hedgerow Theatre in Media, PA.  I also taught dance, Pilates and theatre throughout the Philadelphia area at studios, private schools and in clients' homes. (You can read all about it on my Resumes page!)
I have created dances for Hedgerow Theatre, the Center City Opera Theater, the Denver Independent Choreographers Project, and the annual conference of the Pennsylvania State Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  I’ve performed in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and the ETC. Series.  I have been lucky enough to work with several choreographers, such as Curt Haworth, Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Charles Tyson.
My favorite hobby is reading. Yes, I'm a nerd. I'm OK with that.
I’m a Virgo, as evidenced by my Pilates and organizational skills.
I’ve had the same best friend since the 6th grade.
My Favorite Quote: "Business? Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business. Charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business."- Charles Dickens as Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol  

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  1. Thanks, M.O.M.s! I know you're going to get great results from this 10 minute workout! Enjoy! And please hop over to our Facebook page, or shout us out on Twitter, to leave a review!