{workout wednesday} Get M.O.Mfit with Katina Brock

Katina Brock is passionate about helping others live healthier lives. She has over 20 years experience as a fitness instructor, as well as a background in ballet and gymnastics and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Her advanced expertise in aquatic fitness sets her skills apart from most trainers. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer as well as a continuing education provider for AEA and AFAA. Katina believes our bodies are a gift and her desire is to help others improve their physical bodies and begin living a life that honors that gift! 

Katina represented Motility Training (www.MotilityTraining.com) a new fitness app that connects the trainer to their clientele. Motility Training is free to download and consumers have access to hundreds of personal trainers and their fitness videos. This app will be great for moms who don’t have time to hit the gym. The videos are easy to download and can be played on the computer or TV in the comfort of your home. It’s time for M.O.Ms  to have a one-on-one trainer time during nap time and meetings! 

Let’s chat with Katina to see what she can ‘work out’ for our M.O.Ms…

What’s the best time of day to schedule in a workout?  
The best time of day to workout is different for each person. There is no best time of the day rule per se, it is the time of day that works best with your schedule or your body clock! If schedule-wise you can do it whenever then do it when you feel most energetic!  If your most energetic time of the day doesn’t work with your schedule then do it when it fits in and you are least likely to skip it!

How many times a week do you recommend for best results to maintain or help get back into shape?

How many days you work out a week to get in shape or maintain depends on your body and what type of workouts you’re doing. A general approach for getting in shape is 5-6x a week, and  3-4x a week for maintenance.

What’s best to do in the mornings if you only have 15minutes?  How about 15 minutes at night?
In a nutshell a workout that alternates high intensity cardio with strength training. Here’s a great quick and challenging workout that requires no equipment.

Basic AM Blast!
(each min should be :50 sec work/ :10 sec rest/transition. Beginning w/ the 3rd minute)

1 min - easy stretches and reaches to open the body
1 min - warm up (marching, side to side taps, etc.)
1 min - walking lunges
1 min - push ups
1 min - mountain climbers
1 min - Warrior lll pose w/ arms out like an airplane, pulsing up 1”  (30 sec ea leg)
1 min - Fake Jump Rope
1 min - Standing One leg balance w/ other leg lifted out to the side, pulse up 1” (30 sec ea leg
1 min - bicycle crunches
1 min - Burpees
1 min - Squats
1 min - Side Plank (30 sec. ea side)
1 min - Alternating Side Lunges
1 min - Glute Bridges
1 min - Stretch

PM Yoga Strength & Length
1 min - Standing arm sweep up w/ long inhale, exhale to a forward fold - hold 5 breaths Down Dog - hold 5 breaths
Warrior l - hold 3 breaths (R leg)
Down Dog - hold 5 breaths
Warrior l - hold 3 breaths (L leg)
Down Dog - hold 5 breaths
Walk Hands to feet lift R leg into Standing Splits - hold 3 breaths
Lower leg and come into a Tuck on toes w/ fingertips on floor - hold 5 breaths
Straighten back up to Forward Fold w/ L leg Standing Splits - hold 3 breaths
Lower L leg, squat down and spread knees into Child’s Pose - hold 10 breaths
Slide R arm underneath chest to L side (palm up) shoulder un-shrugged - 3 breaths
Repeat other side
Rollover onto back, hug knees into chest, rock side to side slowly 6x
Feet on floor/knees bent, cross R leg over left knee, pull L thigh into chest - 5 breaths
Repeat other side
Roll onto L side, body straight, rest on L arm. Reach R arm forward, R leg back - 3               breaths
Repeat other side
Hug knees back into chest in a tuck, rock side to side 6x
Lay on back stretch like you just woke up
Relax into Resting pose, palms up, 12” from hip. 2 Loud open mouth sighs - hold for the remainder of time.

If our M.O.Ms are on the go, with work and family, will the Motility Training app be the best resource for them while traveling?  Is it like bringing your personal trainer everywhere you go?
Yes, Motility Training is an excellent way to keep on track with your workouts while traveling. You can do workouts given to you by your trainer using the Motility app or you can use a workout posted by any trainer and be able to access the videos for each move in their workout even if you’ve never done it before, right there on your computer or phone!

What’s your favorite routine or exercise to do while on the go? 
When traveling I enjoy running in order to get fresh air, and do some sight seeing or help reset my body clock to a new time zone with the sunshine and some yoga to undo stiffness and lengthen my muscles while working with my body weight. If I am on the go at home (or on the road) and need a quick workout indoors, a bodyweight routine like the AM one above is an great quick workout that doesn’t require equipment and could even be done barefoot! In general, I like a mix of yoga, barre, plyometric and body weight exercises.

Any other tidbits for our M.O.Ms?
Some workout always trumps no workout! You don’t need a lot of time. If you are willing to work hard for 10-15 minutes you can fit in several short hard workouts in a week! The key is intensity!!! A short intense workout that leaves you breathless and your muscles challenged is what you need for results. Quality over quantity.

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