{video} Family Fun Feature ~ Expecting Celebrity Parents, Kevin and Danielle Jonas, Launch "Amazing Baby Days" App

The couple, who married in 2009, spoke to M.O.Mblog as part of the promotion they are doing with Dreft's new app "Amazing Baby Days"  and have been enjoying every moment of this new journey they are embarking on with this app.
Being pregnant and having a baby is the most magical time of any mother’s life.  There are so many changes and memories that every parent wishes they could find a way to keep track of forever and be able to share with their loved ones.  Celebrity couple Kevin and Danielle Jonas understand this exciting time personally – they are excitedly expecting their first child, a baby GIRL!  Having shared their love and family story with fans for a few years already, they want to share their own journey to parenthood with us M.O.Ms.  

They are excited to announce the launch of an exciting new app from Dreft – The “Amazing Baby Days” app – that is uniquely designed with both expecting and new moms in mind.  The free app offers a simple, convenient way to capture, document and share all the special moments from pregnancy through baby’s first year by saving important photos, milestone information and fun moments, which can easily be published into a beautiful book telling the sweet story of baby’s first year, and then shared with friends and family.

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