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We are all familiar with the roles and jobs a mom has and it seems more and more today, the word MOM truly means ‘Master Of Multitasking’. M.O.Ms are continuing to manage it all and this is definitely where we will celebrate them and what they have accomplished.

While people are still skeptical about the economy making its come-back, mom-owned businesses seem to be flourishing, proving the skeptics wrong. Most M.O.Mpreneurs have family inspired businesses because that is with whom they spend their days, hours and minutes with, but not all.  

Shoppers today are buying for the family and from people they know, so all the more reason why M.O.M-owned companies are successful.

M.O.Mpreneurs have innovative, creative, and amazing products, services and companies you should support, so check them out and see which M.O.Mpreneurs you need to follow and know about.

Katie O'Neill, Kt Steppers llc                                                  
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Tory Burch, Designer 
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Christine Lavin, Fit2Bmom
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    Liza Huber - Sage Spoonfuls  {be inspired feature}

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Heather Porter - Body Back {be inspired feature}

We cant possibly leave out the rest of the community of inspiring 'preneurs'.  With just as much support and guidance, we have learned, collaborated and have been inspired by so many others working as hard as our 'm.o.ms'.

You don't necessarily have to be a 'Mom' to be a 'm.o.m'. So, be inspired by the 'other' half! 


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We are still very fortunate today as women and mothers to have many choices and the support to go along with them. I, like many other moms, discovered the personal and professional fulfillment of doing both- working and being home with my children.

Today, we (M.O.M)preneurs have many more doors open and opportunities to promote and build a brand (right from the kitchen) because of the internet and networking groups.

Here, I hope you will find great business insights and support systems. Monthly you will hear directly from amazing companies(guest blogging) offering advice, support, and services whom I directly found to be a proven asset in building a company and brand.

First and foremost, if you have a mom-owned business, you NEED to be on:

http://www.facebook.com/    http://www.twitter.com/


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